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Making an entrance – James Bond style

Bond adjusting his cufflink

Bond adjusting his cufflink – from the Skyfall trailer on youtube.com

Everyone seems to be talking about the latest Bond film, Skyfall, at the moment and we’re no different. But while we continue with the Daniel Craig vs Sean Connery debate over who is the best Bond, there was one moment from the trailer that caught our eye. Whilst in hot pursuit of a baddie Bond jumps down into a partially destroyed train carriage and immediately after landing makes sure he has enough time to adjust one of his cufflinks – well you’ve got to ensure you look good if you’re Bond.

We’ve always thought that wearing a well-cut suit, with double-cuff shirt and quality cufflinks is one way to make a stylish entrance, and although a life as a British secret agent might not be for us maybe with a sharp suit we can carry off just a little of the cool understated style of Bond.